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At Hollow Oak Farm our breeding program is focused on QUALITY POLLED brahman cattle that have PERFORMANCE to excel in all aspects! Frame,Muscle, Docility & Beef that can grade #1. We strive to develop prospects that will excel and we can share across the globe.

Our program is limited in quantity
but the QUALITY is unlimited!!

We are participating in 4H programs as well as other beef production programs to improve the knowledge of the breed.

Family members, Christian, Anna Grace, Easton & Zachary participate in as many local shows as possible to help the future of the breed be a positive reality, they also participate in other ag and beef educational activities to increase their knowledge of raising quality beef as well as caring for the land to raise quality beef.

HOF also consists of a Venue that accommodates weddings & parties, the brahman cattle are a great attraction for the Venue, brahman being a curious breed spend their share of time entertaining guests & are often requested to be close for pictures as well as treats & scratches!

HOF being located in Cross Hill, South Carolina, where summers are hot and humid,which makes brahman cattle the perfect breed, heat tolerant cattle graze more hours in hot summers, which keeps them healthier as well as a calfs growth is positively impacted.


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Hollow Oak Farm

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