Hollow Oak Brahman

We're excited you have chosen to visit Hollow Oak Farm! Sometimes known as HOF! Located in Cross Hill,SC. Operated by the Fehr family, Dan, Angela & Sons,Christian, Easton and Zachary. HOF has been breeding various breeds of cattle for as long as I can remember but in 2019 we bought a few brahmans because of their curiosity & attraction at HOF wedding venue that is surrounded by pasture. HOF has since increased the size of the brahman herd every year, bringing in positive trait focused brahman cattle that work for the beef market as well as docility and performance.

At Hollow Oak Farm we raise Red & Gray registered brahman with our focus on polled brahman cattle, but a must is docility & performance! At HOF cattle are checked on foot, we firmly believe this improves the overall condition and performance of the cattle due to less stress & better working ability of the herd when confined for vaccines etc.

Positive! Polled! Performance!

Brahman Cattle at Hollow Oak Farm are raised on hay & grass with calves having access to creep feed, we believe calves raised with access to feed grow better as well as higher quality marbling & better carcass weights. Polled brahman cattle illuminates the stress of dehorning,which can calculate into more profits.

At Hollow Oak Farm visitors are always welcome! If you're in the market for registered brahman, HOF is proud to offer you quality brahman with special emphasis on polled genetics and positive traits that perform!

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Hollow Oak Farm

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